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Rave Reviews Roll In As David McConnell Kicks Off West Coast Book Tour

Rave reviews keep rolling in for David McConnell’s American Honor Killings as he kicks off the West Coast leg of his national book tour this week (click here for a full list of dates). The March issue of Interview magazine describes David’s book as “electrifying . . . there is a sense of shattered psychologies […]

“On Writing a Real Life Murder,” by David McConnell, author of American Honor Killings

Some artists feel a touch of envy for the crystalline truths of science; what they offer in the way of truth can seem as mushy and dubious as wine-speak. I happen to be an admirer of connoisseurship (though a lot of people scorn it as elitist nowadays), but when I decided to try nonfiction after cutting my teeth on fiction, I wanted to be a little more science-like. For one thing, real world murders—the subject of American Honor Killings—shook up my notions of refinement. They shook ME up, frankly….