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Spotlight on booksBnimble

To celebrate the release of New Orleans Noir: The Classics, the latest from Akashic’s Noir Series, today we’re pleased to share some information from editor Julie Smith on her ebook publishing company booksBnimble.

Events: New Orleans friends! Don’t miss Julie Smith and select contributors at the New Orleans Public Library (219 Loyola Avenue) TONIGHT, Wednesday, March 30, at 6:00 PM, for a 10th anniversary celebration of the original New Orleans Noir. Smith will also appear at the University of Holy Cross’s Blaine S. Kern Library (4123 Woodland Drive) on Wednesday, April 6, at 6:30 PM. Click here for more New Orleans Noir: The Classics events.

booksbnimbleFrom the booksBnimble website:

booksBnimble is an ebook publisher dedicated to the proposition that, despite predictions to the contrary, reading is here to stay and books can be anything we want them to be. We believe there are a thousand ways to tell a story (many including video) and we intend to try at least 999 of them. Founded by Edgar-winning mystery writer Julie Smith. Enhanced ebooks and mysteries are our specialty.

booksBnimble celebrates the world of books. We want to be part of the newest innovations in that world to insure that it thrives, that it continues to inspire, and that it finds vitality by expanding the world of readers.

We didn’t choose our name lightly. As the written word goes through its biggest change since Gutenberg, publishers and authors alike are going have to be nimble, quick, and flexible to keep up with growing opportunities. It’s humbling, it’s staggering, it’s downright electrifying to think of the ways you can tweak traditional storytelling these days.

If you want pictures or videos to illustrate your novel, it’s not only possible, it’s not even very difficult or expensive. With ebooks, you can literally do almost anything your imagination can dream up. And we want to do it all.

From Julie Smith:

I started the business five years ago on the theory that I’d like to see publishing become more nimble about the digital revolution—hence the name.

We began with four books by friends who I knew had orphan books. We now have nearly 100 books, including my own backlist of twenty-two books. With the help of my agent, Vicky Bijur, I was finally able to get all my rights back and to add two new books. I now publish a number of authors’ backlists and some new authors as well.

Recently we’ve started a side business, doing marketing for self-published authors who’d just rather spend their time writing.

It’s been an amazing learning curve—which will probably never stop because everything changes so radically and so fast in digital publishing! But in the end, honestly, I find it as rewarding as writing—more so in some ways, because I have the opportunity to make other writers happy. It’s nice to please readers, but as a writer, you know what other writers are going through, and it’s so satisfying to be able to help.

Click here to visit booksBnimble’s website.

Posted: Mar 30, 2016

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