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News & Features » November 2013 » Simon’s Cat in Good Company: Meet Simon Tofield’s Real Cats!

Simon’s Cat in Good Company: Meet Simon Tofield’s Real Cats!

To celebrate the release of Simon’s Cat vs. the World and Simon Tofield’s US Tour (going on now!), we’ve asked Simon Tofield, creator of Simon’s Cat, to tell us about his real-life sources of inspiration: his pawsitively purrfect felines! You can also watch a video of Simon talking about his cats over at the Simon’s Cat YouTube page.

I’ve always loved cats, and the character of Simon’s Cat is definitely inspired by my own four cats.

Well, first off there’s Jess.

Jess copy

She’s a little tortoiseshell.

She is quite clingy—when I’m in the house, she’s never more than a couple of feet away from me, and she will follow me around and whine for attention and food . . . which can be a little annoying sometimes, but I do love her to bits.

I have a real soft spot for Jess because she’s been with me for so long.

Jess02 copy

Next up there’s Maisy!

Maisy copy

Maisy is a huge, big white-and-gray spotted tabby, who is absolutely gorgeous to look at. She’s a rescue cat and can be a little frosty sometimes, especially with the others come feeding time.

But she is a big softy, really.

Maisy 2

Then there’s Hugh!

Hugh_DenseFur copy

Hugh is a big fat black cat, who, again, is very lovable.

He has very lovely, thick, dense fur, which the others don’t have. It makes him very cuddly.

He is very affectionate in the mornings—before he gets fed, basically.

It’s probably Hugh who is the main inspiration for Simon’s Cat, because it was him that gave me the idea when he was a kitten.

hugh_kitten_IMG_2318 copy

Teddy is the newest member of the family, and again, he’s another rescue cat.

Teddies-House 013 copy

He was found in a box. And when I heard the story of the way he was found, I just had to take him in. But now, since then, he’s grown in to this huge great cat, with a huge great big fluffy tail that sweeps the ground as he walks around so he’s, er, he’s quite a character, is Teddy.

And he’s a real sweetheart as well!


Hugh and Teddy

Thanks for sharing with us, Simon! Be sure to catch Simon Tofield at one of his upcoming US Tour stops. And don’t forget to take advantage of our Simon’s Cat bundle sale!

Check out a video version of this post below:

Posted: Nov 20, 2013

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