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News & Features » June 2013 » (Video) Publishing Insider Tips with Johnny Temple

(Video) Publishing Insider Tips with Johnny Temple

Akashic publisher Johnny Temple shares “advice” on running a family business in this first installment of Publishing Insider Tips (directed by Alexis Fleisig).

Praise for Simon’s Cat in Kitten Chaos

“What elevates Tofield’s simple but expressive line drawings above the large litter of competing kitties is his keen grasp of cartoon physics and comedy cat antics. With a pitch-perfect pen, he captures the simple, realistic acrobatics of cats tumbling with toys or gracefully stretching out in the sun, and chronicles their adventures in pantomime stripes that pit them against household objects, their owner, and each other. Cat owners and aficionados will have several delighted “Yes, cats really do that!” reactions reading this.”
Publishers Weekly

★★★★★–San Francisco Book Review

“The gentle humor of Simon’s Cat in Kitten Chaos makes it a choice gift for cat lovers everywhere.” –Midwest Book Review

Simon’s Cat in Kitten Chaos helps recall the simple pleasures in life, like wearing your favorite sweater for the first cool fall day, or being able to leave your jacket home for the first time in spring.  Paging through the black and white illustrations and observing the playful antics of the pair feels almost therapeutic in this way.  Sure, there are themes of companionship to be observed, as well as those of friendship, and even the value of animals in our lives.  But the real joy in Simon’s Cat in Kitten Chaos comes from its innate ability to take the reader out of the monotonous expectations of daily life, and into, even if just for a moment, the much more simple, playful world of Simon’s Cat and his new Kitten friend.” –Philadelphia Review of Books

Praise for Johnny’s Sons’ Drawings (via Facebook)

“Go Arthur Go! (Smart kid, all the real money is in animation!)”

“Obviously they have great talent”

Posted: Jun 12, 2013

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