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News & Features » July 2020 » PSA: What NOT to Say to Black People

PSA: What NOT to Say to Black People

And now, a PSA from author Adam Smyer on what NOT to say to Black people:

Forthcoming from Akashic Books September 1, 2020:
You Can Keep That to Yourself: A Comprehensive List of What Not to Say to Black People, for Well-Intentioned People of Pallor
by Adam Smyer, author of Knucklehead


Greetings, well-intentioned person of pallor!

Your good intentions used to be enough. But in these diverse and divisive times, some people would hold you accountable for your actions. You were not raised for such unfairness. You need help. And help you now have.

How to use: Keep this handbook close. Whenever you are confronted with an African American and you feel compelled to blurt out an observation about her hair or to liken your Tesla lease to slavery, ask for a moment to consult this reference. She’ll wait. If the keen insight you want to share is listed herein, You Can Keep That to Yourself. It truly is that easy!

You can preorder Adam Smyer’s You Can Keep That to Yourself wherever you prefer to purchase your books and through our website, here.

Posted: Jul 24, 2020

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