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News & Features » March 2014 » Mike Watt’s E-mail to David Wm. Sims (From The Jesus Lizard Book)

Mike Watt’s E-mail to David Wm. Sims (From The Jesus Lizard Book)

To celebrate the release of The Jesus Lizard Book, Akashic will be featuring excerpts from Book on our website once a week throughout March. Today, we bring you Mike Watt’s October 2009 e-mail to David Wm. Sims, included—along with a lengthier piece by Watt—in Book.

Next week, the Jesus Lizard will continue their tour! Click here for full event details about upcoming Jesus Lizard events in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Chicago, and Los Angeles.


JesusLizardBookE-mail to David Wm. Sims, October 16, 2009

mr david,

I could write to you forever on bass, just like I coulda talked to you about it last night!!! man, were you really getting that machine fired up and soaring up low into grap/wrap/swarm/flood flow that floored me while inspiring—lighting up ideas in my head on how to work mine . . . what company makes that looks-like-a-jazz, by the way?

I gotta go pedal now but quick wanted to tell you how amazed (but knew I was in for something) and happy-made by your work.

and your band cats—GREAT!!! mac the stickman w/the beat in his hand—RESPECT. and misters yow and denison to congratulate them—yes! using that stage you lifted w/much BASS as a cake to whirl their rock mission to the moon and meteor-ride the sight of watt’s mind blown from the experience I can only imagine now writing you about . . .

I’m gonna check out old jj b from those first strangler songs I got . . .”five minutes” and such . . .”toiler on the sea”—safe seas to you, bass brother. sorry my talking was stumblebum and not together—I was so nervous in a way, anticipating the mindblow!

I go pedal now . . .

safe seas on your trip. on bass too, most grateful watt

mike watt


MIKE WATT works bass and lives in San Pedro, California. Most people know him for the punk band he was in with D. Boon called the Minutemen. He is the son of a sailor, was born in 1957 (the year of Sputnik), and likes pluckin’, pedalin’, and paddlin’.

Posted: Mar 18, 2014

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