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News & Features » July 2014 » “Mama and Papa Find a Way” by Suzon George

“Mama and Papa Find a Way” by Suzon George

Are you a parent going through the Terrible Twos? Did you live through them and survive? Terrible Twosdays is a place to commiserate over the unending shenanigans of your Darling Children (as the online parenting communities say). Nonfiction stories will be considered, so long as names have been changed to protect the guilty. Inspired by our best-selling gift book for parents, Go the Fuck to Sleep, Terrible Twosdays joins the roster of our other online short fiction series. Unlike Mondays Are Murder and Thursdaze, we’re looking for stories with a light and mischievous feel, all about the day-to-day challenges of parenting. As with our other flash fiction series, stories must not exceed 750 words.

This week, Suzon George tells the story of two parents who want some alone time.

Suzon and MimiMama and Papa Find a Way
by Suzon George

Mama and Papa’s love was magic! Their first kiss was magic. Their wedding kiss was magic. The kiss that made Mimi was magic.

One snowy morning, Papa and Mama shared a good morning kiss that turned magical. Their hearts and other parts warmed. Pajamas were shed. Heat built. Suddenly . . .

“Mmmrlp, mmmrlp, mmmrlp.” One of the cats left a hair ball somewhere in the room.

“I think it’s over there,” said Mama.

Papa looked on his side of the bedroom. “Nope,” he said.

Mama looked on her side of the bedroom. “Can’t see it either,” she said.

Mama and Papa dangled heads to look under the bed. They didn’t see any hair balls, but they did see each other upside down. They giggled. Their feet and legs entwined. They got under the covers and resumed kissing.

Just as things began to heat up again, there was scratching and meowing at the door. Papa knew that if he didn’t let the cat out, the meowing would wake Mimi. He got up, and the hair ball squished between his toes.

The mood was gone.

After a washed foot and a little snooze, Mama and Papa left the door ajar and began their magical kissing once more. Things got much hotter this time. Papa climbed atop Mama to give her a special hug. The magic built and built. Just as things were getting very lovely indeed, they heard the cooing whispers of Mimi talking to her dollies in her room. They tried to ignore it, but moments later, the whispers were accompanied by footsteps.

Papa got off Mama and pulled the covers to his chin as Mimi toddled through the open door, clutching her dollies. “Good morning, Mom-Pa,” she said.

“Hello, Mimi,” said Mama. “Why don’t you go potty?” Mama wanted a few more moments in Papa’s special hug.

“I don’t have to go,” said Mimi.

“Well put your pull-up in the trash and get your underwear on,” said Mama, massaging Papa under the covers.

“I don’t know how,” said Mimi.

“Yes you do!” said Mama.

Mimi insisted she didn’t.

The mood was gone.

Papa worked at a school. So did Mama, but Mama’s school had a snow day and Papa’s did not. After hugs and kisses to Mama, Papa and Mimi left. Papa was going to school, Mimi to daycare.

Mama ate breakfast, then sent a romantic email to Papa. “We’ll find a way,” she wrote.

Mama was just sitting down with a good book and some hot tea when the phone rang. Papa had been in an accident. His car hit a patch of ice after he dropped off Mimi. He was in the emergency room. He sounded bad.

Mama threw on her coat and raced to the hospital. A nurse showed her to Papa’s room. A neck brace made him look like a partial snowman. He smiled when he saw Mama.

“How are you?” asked Mama.

“My neck is sore, but the X-rays don’t seem to show anything serious,” said Papa.

Mama kissed Papa. “I’m so glad you’re okay.” She kissed him again—a magic kiss. Mama and Papa giggled. Mama closed the curtains around Papa’s bed.

“When can you leave?” asked Mama.

“There were a lot of accidents. The doctors are busy. A nurse said it will be at least an hour or two. She gave me a remote for the TV.” He got a glint in his eye and turned off the set.

Mama closed the door. She smiled at him. “How’s your pain?” she asked.

“What pain?” Papa smirked.

Mama removed her coat and other things.

Mama and Papa found a way.


SUZON GEORGE writes everything from children’s stories to narrative non-fiction, poetry to erotica. After years of writing for her own pleasure, she is submitting her work for publication, and Akashicbooks.com is the first to publish her work! Musings and news of her progress can be found at SuzonGeorge.com. Suzon has worked in many capacities as a music teacher, classical musician, nurse’s aide, wife and mother. She lives with her knight, princess and flock of wild turkeys in a gleaming white castle in Southeastern Massachusetts.


Do you have a story you’d like us to consider for online publication in the Terrible Twosdays flash fiction series? Here are the submission terms and guidelines:

—We are not offering payment, and are asking for first digital rights. The rights to the story revert to the author immediately upon publication.
—Your story should focus on the challenges of parenting. Ideally, stories should be about children aged 0 to 5, but any age (up to early teens) is acceptable. Stories may be fiction or nonfiction.
—Include the child’s age at the time of the story next to your byline.
—Your story should not exceed 750 words.
—E-mail your submission to info@akashicbooks.com. Please paste the story into the body of the email, and also attach it as a PDF file.

Posted: Jul 22, 2014

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