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News & Features » May 2013 » Indie Bookstore Spotlight: Stories (Echo Park, CA)

Indie Bookstore Spotlight: Stories (Echo Park, CA)

Welcome to Akashic in Good Company, a weekly column highlighting some of the amazingly talented, hard-working, committed people Akashic has had the pleasure of working with over the past fifteen years. This week we are delighted to feature a virtual tour of one of our favorite indie bookstores: Stories!


Welcome to Stories! Photo courtesy: Stories

Stories Books and Café serves the diverse neighborhood of Echo Park as its stalwart supplier of books (used & new) and café goods (fair trade and delectable). We’re located on Sunset Blvd., in imminent proximity to some of Los Angeles’s finest music venues, record shops, clothes stores, bars and restaurants.


Photo courtesy: Stories

For four and a half years we’ve thrived thanks to the vitality of our community and our commitment to stock a well-rounded and hyper-stimulating selection of books. We host author readings, music, comedy and art shows. We offer a venue for people who enjoy a good exchange of thoughts and ideas in a quietly provocative environment. The atmosphere here is one that lends itself well to diplomatic resolutions of philosophical disagreements. (That is partly conjecture, but we have had a couple of wedding proposals within our walls, and one was accepted)


Ian Svenonius reading “Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock ‘N’ Roll Group” Photo courtesy: Stories

We carry select new releases, classics (both the institutionally recognized and the highly subjective type), and a finely curated selection of new and used books. Lots of fiction, art and oddities. Near 70,000 titles, give or take.


Photo courtesy: Stories

Our patio is at its best a serene oasis, perfect for reading, conversation and contemplation.


Stories Patio (remodeling in progress) & Café Counter. Photo courtesy: Stories


For more information, check out their website or find Stories on Facebook!

Posted: May 2, 2013

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