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Go the Fuck to Sleep

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A gift book for parents that will have them laughing even as they cry.

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Praise from booksellers for Go the Fuck to Sleep

“This book is what has been missing from the parenting section of every bookstore in America. It provides some much-needed irreverence in a realm (parenting) that can be prone to taking itself way too seriously, and I think its honesty will provide relief to a lot of sleep-deprived parents. And the juxtaposition of words and pictures cracked me up when I first saw it, and continues to every time I think about it. My kids aren’t born yet, but the title of this book has become a catchphrase in my household anyway, and I feel a little less intimidated knowing Go the Fuck to Sleep will be in my arsenal of bedtime books (presumably before the kid learns to talk). This is yet another reason why I admire Adam Mansbach’s writing, though it’s the last thing I would have expected.”
—Jessica Stockton Bagnulo, coowner, Greenlight Bookstore (Brooklyn, NY)

“That is one of the greatest things I have ever read in my entire life.”
—Melissa Posten, Pudd’nHead Books (St. Louis, MO)

“O my god, I love it. It’s gorgeous and now I don’t feel so alone.”
—Nikki Furrer, Owner, Pudd’nHead Books (St. Louis, MO)

“As a bookseller and father of twins, I greatly appreciate the addition of this literary tool to my bookselling and parenting arsenal. The juxtaposition of the saccharine drawings and the achingly honest verse is sure to pull on the heart strings, or at least tickle the funny bone, of parents everywhere.”
—Pete Mulvihill, Green Apple Books (San Francisco, CA)

“I absolutely love this!!”
—Amie Mechler-Hickson, Boswell Books (Milwaukee, WI)

“I love it! Perfect for the earnest, well-intentioned, but sleep-deprived parent. I’d recommend it for a fun baby shower present too. For many parents (and I was one), getting the child to sleep is the last battle in a long hard war of the day. Anything that can make us laugh about it is very, very welcome.”
—Linda Bubon, Women & Children First (Chicago, IL)

“Essential reading for any parent whose sanity has teetered on the brink. Adam Mansbach has done it again! The text is hilarious. Ricardo Cortés’s illustrations are perfect.”
—Peter Maravelis, Events Director, City Lights Booksellers (San Francisco, CA)

Go the Fuck to Sleep is the perfect picture book for the parent with five minutes (and it’s only five minutes, ever, forever) to unwind. Plus, it’s pretty effing funny.”
—Tom Flynn, 57th Street Books (Chicago, IL)

“The really subversive threat here is Cortes’s parody of children’s book illustrations, rendered completely perverse here by the juxtaposition of the almost-photorealistic and the textured depth of his art. This is a phenomenal book . . .”
—Jeff Waxman, 57th Street Books (Chicago, IL)

“If only my parents had this book when I was growing up, I would have gotten more sleep and become smart enough to be a lawyer or doctor instead of a fucking bookstore owner. I will order thousands of copies to make sure my customers don’t make the same mistakes.”
—Christine Onorati, Word Bookstore (Brooklyn, NY)

“Do you know how many of my f**king friends are going to love this book? Too many to f**king count.”
—Nick Petrulakis, father of two, Manager of Books Inc. (Alameda, CA)

“Hell yeah!”
—Jim Harris, Prairie Lights Bookstore (Iowa City, IA)

“Adults have always loved children’s books–the books they grew up with along with the new ones with their well-imagined storytelling and stunning illustrations. But there is a third type of children’s book which adults turn to: books written for adults in picture book format. The latest in this less-publicized genre is Go the F*** to Sleep. Artfully written poems and beautiful illustrations combine to graphically articulate the frustrations of trying to get a child to go to sleep. The imaginative range and verbal cleverness equal the most favorite children’s books: just what our childish adult hearts desire.”
—John Evans, coowner, Diesel, A Bookstore (3 California locations)

Go the Fuck to Sleep is a truly brilliant bedtime story, one that is bound to become a fucking classic!”
—Margarita Shalina, St. Mark’s Bookshop (New York, NY)