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Changers Book One: Drew

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The cheerleader, the nerd, the jock, the freak. What if you had to be all four?

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Discussion Guide for Changers Book One: Drew

1. Have you ever wished you could wake up as somebody else? If you could be another person for a day, what kind of person would you choose to be? Why?

2. What if you could live as another person for a whole year? Who would you be, and why? What do you think you might learn from the experience?

3. Imagine you were a Changer: chart out who you would be during each year of high school, and who you would choose to be after the four changes (remember: you can’t go back to being who you are now!). Why did you choose each of the four? And why did you choose your forever identity (called a “Mono”)?

4. When Ethan wakes up as a girl name Drew, how would you characterize his reaction to this gigantic development in his life? Would you have responded like him, or differently?

5. What are some of the things about being a girl that Ethan learns as Drew? What are some ways she is treated differently as Drew than she would have been as Ethan?

6. Who has it harder? Boys or girls?

7. What’s the scariest part about starting high school? Would that be easier or harder if you were starting each year as a different person?

8. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Do you think that if people—like the fictional Changers—could literally “walk in the shoes” of different people, their empathy would inevitably increase?

9. Do you think The Changers Council is good or bad?

10. Abiders are rabidly anti-Changer, and want all humans to stay the same. What do you think Abiders are scared of? Can you think of any real-life organizations or movements that are Abider-like in their beliefs and actions?

11. The Radical Changers (or RaChas) want Changers to be able to live out in the open—in addition to liberation and acceptance for all types of people in society. Why do you think RaChas formed? Can you think of any real-life organizations or movements that are RaChas-like?

12. How do love and friendship intersect and collide in the book (for example, between Drew and Audrey; Drew and Chase)? Does gender affect these relationships? What about sexuality? What are some of the differences between gender (what sex you are) and sexuality (who you are attracted to romantically)?

13. Why does Audrey kiss Drew?

14. How do you think Audrey’s and Drew’s relationship might change when Drew changes into her next V for 10th grade? What if Drew turns into a boy?

15. Have you ever felt like your outside doesn’t “match” your insides?

16. Have you ever allowed other people’s perceptions of you to change the way you think about yourself?

17. Whom do you think Drew should change into next year, for the 10th grade?