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Roxy b/w Sigma Alpha Gamma Remix


DJEJ represents from House of GVSB Productions, slapping a squalophonic remix of “Vogue Thing” on the ass of the ultrarock classic, “Roxy.” Second in a series of three GVSB 7″s. Blue vinyl, limited pressing.

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  • Vinyl


GIRLS AGAINST BOYS: out of the ashes of dc punk rock dischord band soulside, moved up to new york, put out a ton of records since 1990, have 2 bass players, did a bunch of stuff with a bunch of people and we eat, drink, sleep and walk around.

we’ve toured with the jesus lizard, rage against the machine, garbage, etc. we’ve played reading, lollapalooza, lowlands, pukkelpop, mt. fuji, popkomm, sxsw, and a bunch of other places and toured only 4 of the continents on this globe.

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