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LyricPop First 8-Book Bundle


For a limited time, purchase a set of the first 8 titles in our LyricPop series of children’s picture books for just $50 (plus shipping)!

Price: $50.00


For a limited time, we’re offering the first 8 titles from our LyricPop series for just $50, plus shipping!

Click [ADD TO CART] above to purchase your bundle, which includes:

  • African, song lyrics by Peter Tosh, illustrated by Rachel Moss
  • Don’t Stop, song lyrics by Christine McVie, illustrated by Nusha Ashjaee
  • Good Vibrations, song lyrics by Mike Love and Brian Wilson, illustrated by Paul Hoppe
  • Move the Crowd, song lyrics by Eric Barrier and William Griffin, illustrated by Kirk Parrish
  • Respect, song lyrics by Otis Redding, illustrated by Rachel Moss
  • These Boots Are Made for Walkin’, song lyrics by Lee Hazlewood, illustrated by Rachel Moss
  • We Got the Beat, song lyrics by Charlotte Caffey, illustrated by Kaitlyn Shea O’Connor
  • We’re Not Gonna Take It, song lyrics by Dee Snider, illustrated by Margaret McCartney



Book Details

  • Hardcover
  • IBSN: LP8


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