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The third installment in cult novelist Dennis Cooper’s groundbreaking Little House on the Bowery series.

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What people are saying…

“[A] playful melange of erotic black comedy and domestic pathos, dysfunctional families and all-too-functional men, dictators and lumberjacks. Weissman is an expert juggler of tone . . .”
Los Angeles Times

Headless is at play in the world. It is fearless, fun, and sometimes filthy. Weissman invites you into an alphabet soup of delight in language. Eat up.”
—Alice Sebold, author of The Lovely Bones

“Brilliant. Wildly inventive, profane, and hilarious. Benjamin Weissman is a master stylist who in story after story keeps scoring effortlessly. Beneath the deadpan absurdity these virtuoso comic monologues describe—with more intense accuracy than just about anyone else around—what it means to be male.”
—Bret Easton Ellis, author of Glamorama

“Bizarre, inventive, and surprising, Weissman’s stories frolic in the murkier regions of our psyches and daily habits with skilled verbal turns and unflinching wit.”
—Lydia Davis, author of Almost No Memory

“[S]urprising, rollicking and clever . . . What makes these stories exciting . . . is Weissman’s zesty, original use of language and his unflinching approach to describing human truths, especially the awkward, bizarre or undesirable ones . . . [T]ruly original stories.”
Publishers Weekly

“Weissman is an impishly audacious writer, and that’s reason enough to love Headless, his new collection of short stories.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“[S]weaty and lusty, spiked and coiling with slang, colloquialisms and a touch of jockish bravado.”
LA Weekly

Headless is a book so brilliant that I’ll end up buying it for five friends . . .”

“Weissman’s prose style is truly daring, and his experiments in form and voice are refreshingly original.”
Rain Taxi Review of Books

“Like a much more profane David Sedaris, Weissman exposes the absurdity of our lives by roughly holding our faces up to simple human truths.”
Instinct Magazine


A selection of Dennis Cooper’s Little House on the Bowery series.

The author of the acclaimed transgressive cult classic Dear Dead Person returns with this long awaited second collection of brilliantly written, outrageously imaginative and comedic short stories. Benjamin Weissman is one of the true originals in contemporary American fiction. In Headless, he turns his daredevil wit and fearless storytelling gifts on subjects ranging from Hitler’s secret life as a skier to the philosophical musings of identical twin porn stars to the travails of the world’s most sitcom-defying family. Weissman’s dysfunctional, hilarious, and strangely moving tales of life in contemporary America are a real and unique treasure.

Listen to an interview with Benjamin Weissman and Dennis Cooper on KCRW’s Bookworm.



Book Details

  • Paperback: 140 pages
  • Published: 2/1/04
  • IBSN: 9781888451498
  • e-IBSN: 9781617750908


BENJAMIN WEISSMAN is the author of Dear Dead Person (High Risk/Serpent’s Tail, 1995) and Headless. He is a contributing editor of Bomb magazine, and writes regularly for the ski magazines Freeze and Powder, as well for the contemporary art magazines Parkett, Frieze, and Artforum. In addition to his writing, he is a visual artist whose paintings and collaborations with artists like Paul McCarthy and Jim Shaw have been exhibited internationally. A professor at Art Center College of Design and Otis College of the Art, Weissman lives in Los Angeles.

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