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The latest release from Hotel St. George Press, following The Session and The Musical Illusionist.

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Critical praise for Fattaruso’s Travel in the Mouth of the Wolf:

“Paul Fattaruso has distinguished himself as a master of comic fiction.”
—James Tate

“Fattaruso’s ability to communicate genuine sweetness, vulnerability, and poignancy is as strong as Seuss’s talent for creating the pure delight of characters such as Cat in the Hat.”
Rapid River Review

Praise for Hotel St. George Press:

“It’s hard not to be impressed with the fully imagined architecture and intricately designed rooms of Hotel St. George Press, which is both the website for a press . . . and a brilliantly conceived online journal that recreates the floor plan for a hotel.”
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Somewhere between prose poem, sacred incantation, and inspired children’s story lies Paul Fattaruso’s extraordinary second book, Bicycle. In spare, comically surreal prose, Fattaruso elevates the bicycle to the status of an idol—an ordinary object rendered talismanic by repetitive association and imbued with personal meaning. Every word in this distilled, poetic novella is a heartbeat, every sentence a sharp intake of breath, every page turned an exhalation.

These seventy-seven variations on the bicycle are intimate, inventive and vibrant. They recall the musical cadence and rolling rhythms of Gertude Stein as well as the playful caprice of the DADA poets, yet are marked by an element of magic and immediacy that is entirely Fattaruso’s.

Richard Brautigan had his trout; Paul, his bicycle. You’ll never forget how to ride this bike.

Hotel St. George is an online literary and arts quarterly featuring original fiction, artwork, short films, music, soundscapes, spoken word and secret histories, all occupying carefully designed rooms in an ever-expanding virtual hotel. Our imprint is dedicated to publishing work that playfully fuse the formal craftsmanship of art books with the substantive content of dynamic, modern prose.

Book Details

  • Paperback: 96 pages
  • Published: 4/1/08
  • IBSN: 9780978910327


PAUL FATTARUSO is is the author of Bicycle and Travel in the Mouth of the Wolf. His work has appeared in Volt, Jubilat, Fence, Black Warrior Review, Another Chicago Magazine, the Tiny, and others. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife, Kristin, and his son, Max. He rides a silver bicycle.

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