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Abstraktion und Einfühlung


Percival Everett enriches the ranks of Chris Abani’s acclaimed Black Goat poetry series.

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What people are saying…

“Everett’s talent is multifaceted, sparked by a satiric brilliance that could place him alongside Richard Wright and Ralph Ellison . . .”
Publishers Weekly

“I think Percival Everett is a genius . . . He’s a brilliant writer and so damn smart I envy him.”
—Terry McMillan


Black Goat is an independent poetry imprint of Akashic Books created and curated by award-winning Nigerian author Chris Abani (author of Becoming Abigail and Song for Night). Black Goat is committed to publishing well-crafted poetry with a focus on experimental or thematically challenging work. The series aims to create a proportional representation of female poets and non-American poets, particularly poets from Africa.

Chris Abani has developed his groundbreaking Black Goat poetry series with exciting and provocative new voices. Here, Percival Everett proves that his fine literary talents move far beyond the realm of the novel.

If you said “cubism” fifteen times, you would be getting close to some of what Percival Everett, a famous novelist and gifted painter himself, is playing with in this new book of poems. In words that mimic process, the poems here attempt to reverse the canvas, taking perspective and skewing it to reflect the world around it, spiraling into the work as a way to get out of it. Often what stands in the way of art is art itself, a lingering delusion that there is such a thing as beauty, especially universal beauty. The same is true of a belief in transcendence. To buy into it is to merely substitute one word for another, to fall prey to a correspondence theory of truth.

Book Details

  • Paperback: 72 pages
  • Published: 11/1/08
  • IBSN: 9781933354705


PERCIVAL EVERETT is the author of fifteen novels, among them The Water Cure, Erasure, and Glyph. He is the author of the poetry collection Abstraktion und Einfühlung, the coauthor of A History of the African-American People (Proposed) by Strom Thurmond, as told to Percival Everett & James Kincaid (A Novel), and provided annotations for Akashic’s publication of The Jefferson Bible. He is Distinguished Professor of English at the University of Southern California and lives in Los Angeles.

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