Reverse-Gentrification of the Literary World

Akashic Books

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New Orleans Noir: The Classics

This sequel to the original best-selling New Orleans Noir takes a literary tour through some of the darkest writing in New Orleans history.

Chicago Noir: The Classics

Nelson Algren, Richard Wright, and Patricia Highsmith are just three of the iconic authors included in this outstanding volume.

San Juan Noir (Puerto Rico)

Puerto Rico’s capital city enters the Noir Series arena, meticulously edited by one of San Juan’s best-known authors.

St. Louis Noir

Edited by the best-selling author of The Ice Harvest, St. Louis Noir thickens the Midwest quotient for Akashic’s Noir Series.

Marseille Noir (France)

Following the success of Paris Noir, the Akashic Noir Series delves into an even darker, more noir French city.

Drug Chronicles (5-Book Set)

For a limited time, receive paperback copies of all books currently in our Drug Chronicles series (The Nicotine Chronicles, The Marijuana Chronicles, The Heroin Chronicles, The Speed Chronicles, and The Cocaine Chronicles) for $40, plus shipping!

Belfast Noir (Northern Ireland)

Lee Child, Eoin McNamee, and others join previous entries London Noir and Dublin Noir in exploring the darkest corners of the United Kingdom and Ireland.