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News & Features » February 2018 » Authors of the CHANGERS Series on the Today Show!

Authors of the CHANGERS Series on the Today Show!

Authors of the Changers series, T Cooper and Allison Glock-Cooper, appeared on NBC’s Megyn Kelly Today on February 13, 2018. T and Allison discussed their love story and family dynamic in a new segment that delves into different kinds of relationships and love in contemporary America. The Changers series, which has been praised by John Green, the New York Times, and O, the Oprah Magazine, concluded Fall 2018 with the release of Changers Book Four: Forever. All four titles in the series, Changers Book One: Drew, Changers Book Two: Oryon, Changers Book Three: Kim, and Changers Book Four: Forever are available on our website and wherever books are sold!

Take a look at the two segments below, and then scroll down to see more information about the Changers series!


The cheerleader, the nerd, the jock, the freak. What if you had to be all four?

Changers Book One: Drew opens on the eve of Ethan Miller’s freshman year of high school in a brand-new town. He’s finally sporting a haircut he doesn’t hate, has grown two inches since middle school, and can’t wait to try out for the soccer team. At last, everything is looking up in life.

Until the next morning. When Ethan awakens as a girl.

Ethan is a Changer, a little-known, ancient race of humans who live out each of their four years of high school as a different person. After graduation, Changers choose which version of themselves they will be forever—and no, they cannot go back to who they were before the changes began.

Fans of the books of John Green, the Joss Whedonverse—and empathy between humans—will find much to love in this first of a four-part series that tracks the journey of an average suburban boy who becomes an incredible young woman . . . who becomes a reluctant hero . . . who becomes the person she was meant to be.


In Book Two of the Changers Series, our protagonist undergoes a second transformation—returning to a male body.

Changers Book Two: Oryon in the four-part Changers Series for young adults finds our hero Ethan/Drew on the eve of her second metamorphosis—into Oryon, a skinny African American skater boy with more swagger than he knows what to do with. Enter a mess of trouble from the Changers Council, the closed-minded Abiders, the Radical Changers (RaChas), and his best friend Audrey—at least she was his best friend when Oryon was Drew—and now, it’s complicated.

But that’s life (and life, and life, and life) for Changers, an ancient race of humans who must live out each year of high school as a completely different person. Before next summer, Oryon will learn what it means to be truly loved, scared spitless, and at the center of a burgeoning national culture war. Most of all, he will learn again how much the eyes of the world try to shape you into what they see—and how only when you resist do you clearly begin to see yourself.


In Book Three of this acclaimed YA series, Oryon Small transforms into Kim, an Asian American girl who must learn to separate body image from self-worth.

When we last saw Oryon Small he was kidnapped and locked in a basement, his best friend Chase dying in his arms. In Book Three of the groundbreaking Changers series, Oryon awakens as Kim Cruz, an Asian American girl whose body looks nothing like she expected or desired.

Where Changers Book One: Drew dealt primarily with issues of gender and bias, and Changers Book Two: Oryon explored issues concerning race and bigotry, Changers Book Three: Kim tackles the thorny, less straightforward subjects of body shaming, self-esteem, grief, mental illness, and how the expectations of the outside world can’t help but color the way we see ourselves.

Kim—smart, funny, and finally fed up with the cards she’s been dealt—is finding out that friends change, love doesn’t always mean forever, and growing up means living your truth, even if it isn’t pretty.


The masterful and dramatic final installment in the highly acclaimed Changers YA series pulls no punches.

When we left Kim Cruz in Changers Book Three, she’d just come out to her best friend, at long last revealing her truth. In Changers Book Four: Forever, Kim discovers that coming out is only the beginning of understanding who she is and where she belongs in the world. Soon enough, she changes again, into the body and social status of her dreams. What she does with her newfound power will come to haunt her . . .

Posted: Feb 13, 2018

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