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Amatoritsero Ede

AMATORITSERO EDE, born in Nigeria, was a Hindu monk with the Hare Krishna movement; he has worked as a book editor with a major Nigerian publisher, Spectrum Books, and was the 2005–2006 Writer-in-Residence at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. He is the winner of the Association of Nigerian Authors’ (ANA) Poetry Competition’s 1993 runner-up prize, the 1998 ANA Christopher Okigbo Prize for Literature, and second place in the 2004 May Ayim Award: International Black German Literary Prize. His writing has appeared in numerous anthologies, including TOK 1: Writing the New Toronto, Camouflage: Best of Contemporary Nigerian Writing, The Fate of Vultures: BBC Prize-Winning Poetry, and Voices from the Fringe: An ANA Anthology of New Nigerian Poetry. Currently, he is editor of Gboungboun Magazine, managing editor of PONAL Quarterly Forum of the Carleton-affiliated Project on New African Literatures, and publisher and managing editor of the Maple Tree Literary Supplement. Globetrotter & Hitler’s Children is his most recent collection of poetry.