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October 2015 News & Features

Why Grief Counseling? by Lucinda Weatherby

In Lucinda Weatherby’s powerful memoir, Five Hours: How My Son’s Brief Life Changed Everything, the tragic loss of her son inspired Weatherby to build upon her experience and become a grief counselor. We asked her to tell us a little more about how she came to make this courageous decision.

“Trouble on the East Side” by Howard Gimple

Brigid Quinlan clutched the corduroy sleeve of Russell Townsend’s blazer and sneered at the herd of journalists being restrained by two burly policemen. She smiled smugly as she and Townsend breezed past them. “Fuck you all,” she whispered under her breath . . .

“The Big Adios” by George Eyre Masters

During the night the winter storm veered north and it changed everything. The winds in the Gulf of Alaska dropped from 72 to 23 knots and the battering ninety foot seas began to settle into marbled hills of white, green and grey. A couple hours after dawn, the sun peeked out and it began to snow. American flag snapping in the wind, our ship shouldered her way into an arctic high pressure system the combined size of California, Nevada and Utah . . .

“Against His Will” by Howard Gimple

Marlowe felt his life crumbling around him. He had recently been called before the Privy Counsel, a combination grand jury, federal prosecutor and Supreme Court. His friend and roommate, the playwright Thomas Kyd, had been arrested for treason . . .