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April 2014 News & Features

Spotlight on CaribLit

To celebrate the release of Pepperpot: Best New Stories from the Caribbean, we are thrilled to feature spotlights of a few of our Peekash Press collaborators throughout April, beginning today with CaribLit.

Johnny Temple Interviews Elizabeth Nunez and Tayari Jones

To celebrate the release of Elizabeth Nunez’s memoir, Not for Everyday Use, Johnny Temple spoke with Elizabeth Nunez (author of eight novels, including Boundaries and Anna In-Between) and Tayari Jones (author of Silver Sparrow, The Untelling, and Leaving Atlanta) about teaching, writing, family, memory, and more.

Spotlight on Pure Vision Arts

To celebrate April’s Autism Awareness Month and Drawing Autism, edited by Jill Mullin, Akashic is pleased to feature spotlights of organizations that benefit people with autism. Today, we’re thrilled to feature Pure Vision Arts, a Manhattan-based art studio and gallery for people with autism and various developmental disabilities, and the location of the Drawing Autism launch event.

“Frangipani and Jacaranda” by Anthony May

The doing didn’t take long to get done. It was a hot night at the end of October, just at the time in Brisbane when the jacaranda have almost all fallen to the ground and the frangipani are blossoming on the trees. Frankie and Johnnie were spread around the deck of the small house that she rented in Annerley. 10 pm on Friday night and they hadn’t made it out . . .