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February 2014 News & Features

“Off Empty” by Tobias Record

The train lurched forward like a giant hiccup. Holiday awoke from his hiatus, opening his eyes just enough to make out light and dark shapes. You coulda blindfolded him with dental floss . . .

“Where Did You Go, Buffalo Bill?” by Nicholas MacDonnell

Cow town? Fuck. You could call it that till the crows came home, still didn’t make it true. Maybe once, long before that pissant reporter had even been born. Shit, nowadays, Denver was further from cow town than anyone on the squad was from ever solving this case . . .

Akashic Question of the Week: Bridgegate?

In light of the the latest political scandal to plague New Jersey, we want to hear from you: Should New Jersey Governor Chris Christie serve jail time if it’s proven he had an active role in the George Washington Bridge scandal?

“Knock Yourself Out” by Montague Kobbé

On Monday morning I woke up to the beat of electronic music drumming in the living room like it were Saturday. Or at least Thursday. I slipped into my jeans, half angered, half asleep, and walked outside looking more for an explanation than a fight. Except for my flatmate, the room was deserted, the subwoofer booming. His head bobbled from side to side like a serpent making its way up a tree, his left hand twitched not so much nervously as involuntarily, and he shuffled from one foot to the other as if he had been standing for a long time . . .