Reverse-Gentrification of the Literary World

Akashic Books

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Subject: Forthcoming

The Painted Gun


Forthcoming: 3/7/17

A washed-up ex-journalist looking for a missing girl in San Francisco is framed by a Guatemalan hit man for a series of murders.

Oakland Noir

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Forthcoming: 4/4/17

California’s noir quotient continues to rise with Oakland Noir, which reveals all the dark complexities of this increasingly prominent city.

Hadriana in All My Dreams


Forthcoming: 5/2/17

Legendary Haitian author Depestre combines magic, fantasy, eroticism, and delirious humor to explore universal questions of race and sexuality.

City Mouse


Forthcoming: 6/6/17

City Mouse is an irresistible debut that examines what it means to find your place, revealing unspoken truths about motherhood, friendship, and the thorny pursuit to have it all.

Getting It Right


Forthcoming: 6/6/17

Half-sisters Kara and Alex—one the biracial product of foster care, the other of dysfunctional privilege—struggle for redemption and forgiveness.



Forthcoming: 6/6/17

The unsettling story of a young man who suffers an identity crisis after getting tangled up in a telephone scam.

This Is the Noise That Keeps Me Awake

By: and

Forthcoming: 7/4/17

International best-selling rock band Garbage presents its own autobiography, a gorgeous, full-color coffee-table book with text and images galore. Preorder now, and your book will ship on or before July 4, 2017.

Atlanta Noir

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Forthcoming: 8/1/17

This much-anticipated and long-overdue installment in Akashic’s Noir Series reveals many sides of Atlanta only known to its residents.

New Haven Noir

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Forthcoming: 8/1/17

Amy Bloom masterfully curates a star-studded cast of contributors, including Michael Cunningham, Stephen L. Carter, and Roxana Robinson, to portray the city’s underbelly.