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HOLIDAY SALE: 50% off all titles!

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Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? We’ve extended our Black Friday sale through Sunday, December 31, 2017. The ENTIRE Akashic catalog is available for 50% off when ordered directly through our website! (*See below for exclusions.) Use the code BF2017 at checkout.

Not sure where to start? See below for some of our latest best sellers, or click here to check out our featured gift books.

This promotion ends at 11:59 PM on Sunday, December 31. Don’t miss out!

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Depeche Mode: Monument
by Dennis Burmeister and Sascha Lange

“Featuring more than one thousand objects from Burmeister’s archive, Monument is a detailed chronology of the band who – after 100 million album sales – still show no sign of stopping.” —Dazed

“Depeche Mode fans know that Monument is a song on its seminal 1982 album A Broken Frame. It’s a fitting title for this encyclopedic yet intimate photo book that covers the band’s career, with a special section devoted to fan culture.” —Los Angeles Times, Included in Holiday Gift Guide

“A bonanza for the serious Depeche Mode lover.” —The Current (Minnesota Public Radio), Chosen as a Rock and Roll Book Club selection

Depeche Mode: Monument illustrates the amazing success story that began in 1981 and is still going strong after 100 million album sales. This book contains: information on all of the band’s releases from 1981 to 2017; over a thousand images, including never-before-seen photos, concert posters, and album artwork; a special look at fan culture; interviews with stage managers, friends, producers, tour companions, radio hosts, and fans; and so much more.

The affection that Depeche Mode command year after year from their ever-growing fan base is incredible. No other band possesses such a vital, self-organized fan culture. Along with an unprecedented collection of artifacts presented together for the first time, this volume offers extensive information, background facts, and anecdotes that will cater to both newcomers and die-hard Depeche Mode fans alike.


What Is Hip-Hop?
by Eric Morse, illustrated by Anny Yi, produced by Nelson George

“Morse and Yi (the team behind What Is Punk?) highlight hip-hop’s cultural hegemony via an impressively encyclopedic parade of rhyming biographies. Yi’s meticulously styled clay figures are as magical as in the previous book, combining profound expressiveness with the playfulness of action figures. Her compositions are equally evocative, ranging from video snippets (the Beastie Boys strike a pose from “Intergalactic”) to formal portraits (Kanye West, Missy Elliott, Kendrick Lamar) and metaphorical ones (Jay Z stands amid New York City skyscrapers).” —Publishers Weekly

“In rhythmic, rhyming verse, Morse offers a genealogy of hip-hop royalty that begins with the Boogie Down Bronx’s DJ Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash and walks readers into today with Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar. In between the origins and now, readers find a rare gender-inclusive narrative of hip-hop history that uplifts B-girls like Queen Latifah and Missy Elliott along with legendary male groups such as NWA and Wu-Tang . . . A must-read reference for any hip-hop family.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Verdict: these books are pretty damn cute.” —The Current (Minnesota Public Radio), Selected for the Rock and Roll Book Club

“In the beginning, there was a beat . . .” So begins What Is Hip-Hop?—a playful guided tour of one of the most revolutionary pop culture movements of the twentieth century. Beginning with block parties in the Bronx, What Is Hip-Hop? brings the reader up to the present day, with rhyming verses and engaging 3-D clay illustrations. It’s a fun, accessible, and informative read for B-boys and B-girls of all ages.

In the follow-up to their acclaimed and beloved hit What Is Punk? author Eric Morse and artist Anny Yi reunite to celebrate the music that changed their lives and the voices that achieved iconic status along the way. See Run-DMC, LL Cool J, Beastie Boys, Salt-N-Pepa, Biggie and Tupac, Eminem, even Nicki Minaj and Kendrick Lamar, as you’ve never seen them!


An Unkindness of Ghosts
by Rivers Solomon

Included in NPR‘s Book Concierge / Best Books of 2017

The Guardian‘s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of 2017

Publishers Weekly Best Books of 2017, Science Fiction/Fantasy

Library Journal Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Books of 2017

“What Solomon achieves with this debut — the sharpness, the depth, the precision — puts me in mind of a syringe full of stars. I want to say about this book, its only imperfection is that it ended. But that might give the wrong impression: that it is a happy book, a book that makes a body feel good. It is not a happy book. I love it like I love food, I love it for what it did to me, I love it for having made me feel stronger and more sure in a nightmare world, but it is not a happy book. It is an antidote to poison. It is inoculation against pervasive, enduring disease. Like a vaccine, it is briefly painful, leaves a lingering soreness, but armors you from the inside out.” —NPR

Aster has little to offer folks in the way of rebuttal when they call her ogre and freak. She’s used to the names; she only wishes there was more truth to them. If she were truly a monster, she’d be powerful enough to tear down the walls around her until nothing remains of her world.

Aster lives in the lowdeck slums of the HSS Matilda, a space vessel organized much like the antebellum South. For generations, Matilda has ferried the last of humanity to a mythical Promised Land. On its way, the ship’s leaders have imposed harsh moral restrictions and deep indignities on dark-skinned sharecroppers like Aster. Embroiled in a grudge with a brutal overseer, Aster learns there may be a way to improve her lot—if she’s willing to sow the seeds of civil war.


ZiggyMarleyCookbook_currentZiggy Marley and Family Cookbook (SIGNED COPY)
by Ziggy Marley

A cookbook inspired by the food of Ziggy’s upbringing in the household of Bob and Rita Marley.


“[Ziggy’s] first collection of recipes pays homage to the flavors of his youth and the food he loves to cook for his wife and five children.” —

“With a health-focused approach, Ziggy Marley reveals memories and food traditions in his new family cookbook.” —Ebony

“The book features updated versions of favorite Jamaican and Rastafarian-inspired meals from those closest to him. Along with Marley’s own creations, like the sublime Coconut Dream Fish and aforementioned Mancakes, recipes include his wife Orly’s morning oatmeal, his sister Karen’s lentil soup, recipes from his daughter Judah and mother-in-law, fresh juices like those his father enjoyed and contributions from several renowned chefs.” —Parade

Eight-time Grammy winner, author, philanthropist, and reggae icon Ziggy Marley’s first cookbook, Ziggy Marley and Family Cookbook: Delicious Meals Made with Whole, Organic Ingredients from the Marley Kitchen, is inspired by the Jamaican meals Ziggy enjoyed while growing up—with an updated healthy spin. Ziggy was raised with both traditional Jamaican food and the more natural “ital” food of his family’s Rastafari culture. The cookbook, including fifty-four recipes, features contributions from family members including Ziggy’s wife Orly, sister Karen, and daughter Judah, as well as several renowned chefs.

Many of the recipes are vegetarian, vegan and/or gluten-free, from delicious and savory egg dishes, to healthy, nourishing juices, soups, and salads, to classic Jerk Chicken and fish recipes. The Ziggy Marley and Family Cookbook brings new organic and nutritious recipes to kitchens around the world, intended to promote healthy living with a touch of culture, comfort, and love.


Go the Fuck to SleepGo the Fuck to Sleep
by Adam Mansbach & Ricardo Cortés

A New York Times,, Wall Street Journal, and Publishers Weekly number one best seller.

“A new Bible for weary parents.” —New York Times

“Incredibly appealing.” —NPR

“A parenting zeitgeist . . . A phenomenon that has stunned the publishing world and may just redefine the modern ‘parenting’ market.”
Washington Post

“Delightfully obscene.” —Newsweek

“Nothing has driven home a certain truth about my generation, which is approaching the apex of its childbearing years, quite like this deranged book.” —The New Yorker

Also check out the best-selling follow-up  You Have to F**king Eat.

*While supplies last, order autographed copies of both titles


*This offer excludes the following titles: the Complete Noir Series SetCopycat limited edition signed preorderHNIC limited edition packageComplete Drug Chronicles SetMidwest Noir setNYC Noir setWhat Else Is in the Teaches of Peaches limited edition packageCensorship Now!! limited signed hardcoverNelson George setJoe Meno CollectionBernice L. McFadden CollectionKaylie Jones Books setSimon’s Cat BundleGTFTS/YHTFE BundleNina Revoyr setBoston Noir & Boston Noir 2 setLuminous Heart/Tehran Noir bundleTexas Noir Combo, The Jesus Lizard limited edition signed preorder, H.N.I.C. limited edition package, Amiri Baraka 3-for-1 sale, Changers: three book set, This Is the Noise That Keeps Me Awake limited edition unsigned preorder with 12″ vinyl, and the hardcover editions of Prospero’s Daughter, Grace, and Discretion.

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