Reverse-Gentrification of the Literary World

Akashic Books

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Excerpt from the Introduction by Neal Pollack

Upon John Quincy Adams’s commencement of studies where all future Presidents get their start—at the University of Leyden, in Holland—his father, John Adams, gave him some advice. According to David McCullough’s Adams biography, your one-stop shopping source for all things John Adams, it was a paternal imperative that John Quincy attend all lectures possible in […]

Interview with Yongsoo Park by Raul Deznermio

The voice of your new novel, of the protagonist Peter Kim, age 12, is unlike any other in literature. Had you developed this voice, or the character, before writing Las Cucarachas? I didn’t set out to develop the voice of the narrator in Las Cucarachas. I did know, however, that I wanted to write a […]

Excerpt from Lessons in Taxidermy

Chapter 1: Home The wind was blowing across the Puget Sound and into Seattle, bringing with it a tang of salt in the air. I stood in the middle of a neglected garden and inhaled the odor of my childhood, thousands of languorous days and nights next to the water. Growing up, I played on […]

Excerpt from Limbo

Chapter 1 Landing in the midst of the descendants of vikings, the transatlantic flight with a one-year-old daughter and a wife teetering with apprehension has all but wiped out Pharaoh’s capacity to Chill out! The phrase was embraced by his wife, Hannah, during her twelve-year sojourn in California, and she continues to use it officiously. […]

Excerpt from The Merry Month of May

Chapter 1 Well, it’s all over. The Odéon has fallen! And today, which is June 16th, a Sunday, the police on orders of the Government entered and took over the Sorbonne on some unclear and garbled pretext about some man who was wounded by a knife. There was some rioting this afternoon, but the police […]