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Montana Noir – Volumes Bookcafe, Chicago, IL

Join Chicago editor and author Keir Graff to celebrate the release of his latest venture, MONTANA NOIR, an anthology of original crime fiction set in Graff’s home state. Co-edited with James Grady (author of the iconic SIX DAYS OF THE CONDOR) and published by Brooklyn’s Akashic Books, MONTANA NOIR features 14 original short stories by […]

Nelson George – Brooklyn Book Festival, Brooklyn, NY

Killer Crime-Fiction: Crime-Fiction may inspire thoughts of a scandalous murder and a magnifying glass, but these novels are more nuanced, and related to the real world, than a simple detective hunting for clues. Joyce Carol Oates (A Book of American Martyrs), Nelson George (To Funk and Die in L.A.), and Ben H. Winters (Underground Airlines) […]

Lauren Sanders – Brooklyn Book Festival

Family Secrets: The common adage “blood is thicker than water” doesn’t guarantee that family members will always be faithful and truthful to one another. Compelling new work from Joyce Carol Oates (A Book of American Martyrs), Lauren Sanders (The Book of Love and Hate), and Karl Ove Knausgaard (Autumn) illustrates the pain and drama of […]

Hirsh Sawhney — Brooklyn Book Festival

Where is Home: “Home” is an idea that invites many definitions and interpretations, but it is especially complex for immigrants and their children. Is home where one’s family is, or one’s family history? Or where their beliefs are accepted and embraced? Dina Nayeri (Refuge), Amani Al-Khatahtbeh (Muslim Girl), and Derek Palacio (The Mortifications) discuss how […]

Peter Kimani — Brooklyn Book Festival

The Far Reaches of Empire: Religion, Rebels, and Railroads. From the Kenyan highlands to rural Madagascar and the far northeast of India, the European imperial project was extended in great part through missionary zeal, train lines, and terror. Peter Kimani (Dance of the Jakaranda), Naivo (Beyond the Rice Fields), and Avinuo Kire (The Power to […]

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