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There are no upcoming events for Miami Book Fair.

Past Events

Nina Revoyr — Miami Book Fair, Miami, FL

Susan Choi on Trust Exercise: A Novel, Nina Revoyr on A Student of History, and Janet Fitch on Chimes of a Lost Cathedral: A young Russian woman comes into her own in the midst of revolution and civil war in Janet Fitch’s Chimes of a Lost Cathedral. In her novel A Student of History, Nina […]

Don McPherson & Ryan O’Callaghan — Miami Book Fair, Miami, FL

Edge of Sports’ Ryan O’Callaghan on My Life on the Line; Don McPherson on You Throw Like a Girl; and Melissa Isaacson on State: A Team, a Triumph, a Transformation in conversation with author, and editor of Akashic Books’ Edge of Sports imprint, Dave Zirin. Melissa Isaacson’s State: A Team, a Triumph, a Transformation is […]

Kwame Dawes — Miami Book Fair, Miami, FL

Kwame Dawes on Bivouac, in conversation with Akashic Books publisher Johnny Temple. In Kwame Dawes’s novel, Bivouac, a man’s grief over the death of his father is exacerbated by the conflict over whether the death was the result of medical negligence or if it was a political assassination.

Featured: Black Interest