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E-BOOK SALE: Get three Infamous Books titles for only $0.99! each

SunfailThis month marks the release of Sunfail, a new conspiracy thriller from international best-selling novelist Steven SavileAfter a mysterious call from his estranged ex-girlfriend — and former Special Forces partner — New York subway electrician Jake Carter finds himself asking impossible questions as the world around him begins to reveal the dark, terrible forces controlling its every move. From page one, best-selling author Savile delivers a high-powered, mind-bending thriller that Booklist calls “a fun and exciting read with a wide appeal perfect for fans of complex series heroes like Jack Reacher and Joe Ledger, with a dash of Dan Brown sensibility.”

Sunfail is the latest release in Akashic’s Infamous Books imprint, curated by Albert “Prodigy” Johnson of the platinum-selling hip-hop group Mobb Deep. Infamous Books pairs the Infamous Records brand with Akashic Books to connect readers worldwide to crime fiction and street lit authors both familiar and new.

To coincide with the publication of Sunfail, we’re pleased to share that today, Thursday, November 12, you can get three Infamous Books titles — The White House by JaQuavis Coleman, Black Lotus by K’wan, and Swing by Miasha — for only $0.99 each exclusively on Nook by Barnes & Noble as part of a Nook Daily Find! Click here for more information.

And for the rest of the month, Caught Up by Shannon Holmes is available for only $0.99 for the month of November wherever e-books are sold — including Nook, Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle, and Kobo. (Don’t forget to support your local independent bookstore with your Kobo purchase! A full list of participating Kobo partners can be found at IndieBound.)

Posted: Nov 12, 2015

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