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Ziggy Marley and Family Cookbook (SIGNED COPY)


A cookbook inspired by the food of Ziggy’s upbringing in the household of Bob and Rita Marley.


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What people are saying…

“[Ziggy’s] first collection of recipes pays homage to the flavors of his youth and the food he loves to cook for his wife and five children.”

“The musician, his family, and a few well-known chefs all contributed recipes, which are vibrant with fresh vegetables, herbs, and signature Jamaican ingredients like allspice berries and Scotch bonnet peppers . . . Readers will enjoy the vivid, colorful photos of the food and Marley’s family.”
Booklist Online

“The famous reggae star shows how to make healthy, Jamaican-inspired fish and vegetarian dishes.”
Fresno Bee

“When he’s not working in the recording studio, Ziggy Marley is likely spending time in his Los Angeles kitchen . . . This time is spiritual for Marley: He blends his Jamaican and Rastafari traditions with [wife] Orly’s Middle Eastern ones in their parenting, the kitchen and his Ziggy Marley and Family Cookbook, which includes fresh, island-inspired recipes like salmon-and-cauliflower rice bowls.”
People Magazine

“After a successful venture into children’s books with the acclaimed ‘I Love You Too,’ comes Ziggy Marley and Family Cookbook featuring both traditional Jamaican food and the more natural and healthy ‘ital’ food of the family’s Rastafari culture . . . Impressive.”
Los Angeles Wave

“With a health-focused approach, Ziggy Marley reveals memories and food traditions in his new family cookbook.”

“A medley of lively recipes like Roasted Yam Tart and Coconut Dream Fish.”
Family Circle

“Ziggy Marley might not be the first name that springs to mind when you’re looking for some meal time inspo, but the veggie and vegan recipes from the musician’s book is set to be your new go-to source for delicious food.”
Veggie Magazine (UK)

Included in Beatroute Magazine 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

“The book features updated versions of favorite Jamaican and Rastafarian-inspired meals from those closest to him. Along with Marley’s own creations, like the sublime Coconut Dream Fish and aforementioned Mancakes, recipes include his wife Orly’s morning oatmeal, his sister Karen’s lentil soup, recipes from his daughter Judah and mother-in-law, fresh juices like those his father enjoyed and contributions from several renowned chefs.

“For Marley, it is more than a cookbook, more than just recipes and food, but an insight into the importance of eating healthy. In addition to Jamaican classics like jerk chicken and escoveitched fish, there are healthy options like a quinoa salad and dishes using grains which reflect his wife’s Jewish heritage.”
Jamaica Observer

“Ziggy rolls up his sleeves to produce Vegetarian Hash, dumplings, Jerk Chicken, Tofu in Coconut Curry, Fish Soup, Caribbean Salsa, Hempseed Pesto, Date and Kale Smoothie, Frittata, Mancakes, Mamá Carmelita’s flan and even offers the best recipe for baking Stout Gingerbread. Simply explained, gluten-free, organic fruits and vegetables combine to make healthy, vegetarian, vegan and non-vegetarian meals.”
The New York Beacon

“A delicious collection of accessible recipes, with an emphasis on healthy and natural—or ‘ital’—ingredients.”
Freedom Leaf Magazine

“Filled with enticing photos, the book includes the recipes of Marley and those close to him, including sister Karen and daughter Judah. It’s a celebration of food and family. Containing meat and fish dishes, as well as vegan and vegetarian creations, it draws not only from the Jamaican and Rastafarian cultures that nurtured Marley, but also his wife Orly’s Israeli-Iranian roots.”
The Mercury News

“An exquisite and delectable menu of succulent food.”

“A cookbook of wholesome meal plans (think Coconut Curry Squash Soup, Roasted Yam Tart and more) based on the traditional Jamaican and Rastafarian “ital” recipes [Marley] grew up with and the Persian/Israeli cuisine inspired by his wife’s cultural roots.”
Palo Alto Online

“The book is inspired by Jamaican meals Ziggy enjoyed while growing up – but with an up-dated healthy spin. It features contributions by wife Orly, sister Karen and daughter Judah.”
The Chronicle Journal

“Marley delivers a book full of flavors that appeal to the taste buds but also to clean eating . . . There is truly something here for every adventurous and organic-conscious foodie from the Marley family kitchen.”
Insights Magazine

“The easy directions will have you heading to the kitchen to try these recipes yourself.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“This is no typical island cookbook; rather, it’s an innovative collection of healthful recipes from his family’s Rastafarian and Jamaican roots, combined with dishes from his wife’s Persian/Israeli background.”
Palo Alto Daily News

“The cookbook predominately features several recipes that are vegan and vegetarian, but also includes meat and fish recipes, some of which are fusions of Jamaican cuisine, and his wife’s Israeli and Iranian background — food Marley promises that anyone can enjoy even if they are not Jamaican.”
Caribbean Life

“Marley . . . did not set out to write a Jamaican cookbook, but one that reflects his life. He took inspiration from the food of his Bull Bay youth, his family’s holistic Rasta culture, his wife Orly’s Israeli and Iranian background as well as his own preference for healthy, natural foods.”
Palm Beach Post

“A brightly illustrated exhortation to eat simple meals compounded from healthy ingredients. Some of the recipes are rooted in the Jamaican food he grew up with—you’ll find his take on jerk chicken—but much of it is globally inspired. Look for his Miami Apple and Feta Salad or try the almond coconut smoothie. Included are a good number of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free.”
Shepherd Express

“Featuring thoroughly ‘kitchen cook friendly’ step-by-step recipes, the dishes range from Breakfast Hash with Asparagus Sauce; Coconut Curry Squash Soup; Jamaican Rice and Peas; and Roasted Cauliflower; to Roasted Yam Tart; Vegetarian Hash; Jamaican Dumplings; and Orange Almond Chocolate Truffles. Of special note is a fish dinner — Whole Roasted Branzino with Caramelized Okra and Preserved Lemons. Enhanced with the inclusion of a one page listing of Conversions, and a two page listing of Friends and Resources, Ziggy Marley and Family Cookbook” will prove to be an enduringly popular addition to personal, family, and community library cookbook collections.”
Midwest Book Review

“This is not the antiseptic cooking of a catering kitchen, it is family-style with pans that have done their duty for years and show it. Pictures of the family eating and enjoying the food add to entire family-centric feeling the book creates . . . This is a beautiful cookbook filled with easy, healthy recipes that are not only delicious, they are a feast for the eyes.”
Tonstant Weader Reviews

“Musicians are often self-taught and draw inspiration from a variety of influences. That’s how it is for Marley when it comes to food preparation, too. Recipes come from traditional Jamaican and Rastafarian cuisine, along with meals from the Middle East, which were contributed by Marley’s wife Orly and her family, who are Israeli of Iranian descent. The book also has African flavors, inspired by Marley’s time with the Ethiopian musicians of one of his early bands.”
Reggae Festival Guide


Autographed copies available now!

As the oldest son of Bob and Rita Marley, Ziggy was raised with both traditional Jamaican food and the more natural and healthy “ital” food of the family’s Rastafari culture. The fifty-four recipes included in the book, inspired by Ziggy’s youth and accompanied by beautiful photos, are contributed by Ziggy, his wife Orly, his sister Karen, as well as renowned chefs Bruce Sherman (Coconut Carrot Curry), Ben Ford (Escabeche, Escovitch), and Leonie McDonald (Caribbean Salsa). Many of the recipes are vegetarian, vegan, and/or gluten-free.

From the introduction by Ziggy Marley:

I first started dabbling in the kitchen as a teenager. I enjoyed making cornmeal porridge, and it helped me to begin appreciating the idea of nourishment, the idea that food can make your body feel better. I would make Irish moss and some of my dad’s juices . . . Our Rasta culture was different than regular Jamaican culture. We used to have both sides then, because my auntie would cook the more traditional Jamaican food. On the other side, our Rasta culture drew us to a different way of eating. My father would always have a lot of juices and greens and nuts. We were introduced to ital food—fresh, organic, and nutritious, less salt.

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Book Details

  • Hardcover: 120 pages
  • Published: 10/11/16
  • IBSN: 9781617754838
  • e-IBSN: 9781617754845


A seven-time Grammy winner, Emmy winner, humanitarian, singer, songwriter, and producer, Ziggy Marley has released twelve albums to much critical acclaim. His early immersion in music came at age ten when he sat in on recording sessions with his father, Bob Marley. As front man to Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, the group released eight albums that garnered three Grammys, with such chart-topping hits as “Look Who’s Dancing,” “Tomorrow People,” and “Tumbling Down.” Ziggy’s first solo album, Dragonfly (RCA Records), was released in 2003. His second solo release, Love is My Religion (Tuff Gong Worldwide), won a Grammy in 2006 for Best Reggae Album. His third solo album, Family Time (Tuff Gong Worldwide), scored him a fifth Grammy award for Best Children’s Album. In 2011, Ziggy released his critically acclaimed fourth studio album Wild and Free, which earned him a Grammy nomination, as well as his first ever graphic novel entitled Marijuanaman. Ziggy Marley Organics, a GMO-free product line including flavored coconut oils and hempseed snacks, was started in 2012. The products are distributed throughout the US and are available in over 1,000 stores nationwide. His 2012 live album, Ziggy Marley In Concert, earned him his sixth Grammy award for Best Reggae Album. Ziggy also recently released his debut children’s book I Love You Too, a coproduction of Akashic Books and Tuff Gong Worldwide. The multicultural picture book is based on one of Ziggy’s most beloved songs of the same title from his Grammy Award–winning album Family Time, which explores a child’s relationship with parents, nature, and the unstoppable force of love. Ziggy’s fifth studio album, Fly Rasta, was released in April 2014 to mass critical acclaim and gave Ziggy his seventh Grammy win for Best Reggae Album in February 2015. His latest book is the Ziggy Marley and Family Cookbook.

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