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In Search of the Lost Chord (Paperback Edition)


This paperback edition of Goldberg’s highly acclaimed homage to 1967 includes a new afterword and twenty beautiful and evocative photographs.

Forthcoming: 9/4/18

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What people are saying…

Selected praise for the hardcover edition of In Search of the Lost Chord: 1967 and the Hippie Idea:

“A legendary steward of the hip musical world . . . Goldberg plunges into a thorough, panoramic account of the culture, politics, medias, music and mores of the year to demolish the idea that it was trivial . . . Goldberg’s deep purchase on his subject and his storytelling ease make it fresh.”
New York Times Book Review

“[Goldberg’s] newest book explores and fuses together the musical, political and spiritual revolutions of the time into a narrative about a moment when ‘there was an instant sense of tribal intimacy one could have even with a stranger.'”
Rolling Stone

“Goldberg brings a personal passion that itself illustrates the lasting resonance of the hippie era.”
Publishers Weekly

“A reminiscence of the time that brought us Sgt. Pepper and the Summer of Love . . . A genial you-were-there memoir of a golden age.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Written with the acuity of someone who lived through the times he writes about, this is a thoughtful and wide-ranging exploration not just of one year in history but also of a culture and a way of thinking that continues to reverberate today.”

“[Goldberg’s] analysis of what it meant to be a hippie in 1967—sans cartoon clichés—recounts the pursuit of wisdom and joy, as well as a crazy quilt of counterculture cool. And despite the demarcation insisted on by some, he shows that spirituality, activism and business are not incompatible.”
High Times

“Goldberg’s book is what one might call a survey of the period. His narrative skillfully weaves the music, the drugs, the politics and the spiritual searching of the hippie counterculture into a tale that moves quickly and smoothly . . . What Goldberg has achieved in In Search of the Lost Chord is laudable. Not only has he provided his contemporaries with a very readable and fairly wide-ranging look at an important time in their youth, he has also given today’s younger readers a useful and well-told historical survey of a subculture and time they hear about quite often.”

“Goldberg, a longtime music industry executive and journalist, takes the reader through the history of the year 1967 and the social transformations that led up to it. The book is full of names and references and tales that stir memories of the time . . . The book is a tribute to a time gone by that helps us better understand who we are today.”
Progressive, A Top Book of 2017

“[Goldberg] explores how the political, mystical, psychedelic and musical fused to create that memorable year.”
Toronto Star, included in Sarah Murdoch’s “Arrivals” column

“A neat compendium.”
New York Journal of Books


This page is for the September 2018 paperback edition of In Search of the Lost Chord: 1967 and the Hippie Idea. For the June 2017 hardcover edition, click here.

In Search of the Lost Chord is a subjective history of 1967, the year Danny Goldberg graduated from high school. It is also a refreshing and new analysis of the era; by looking at not only the political causes, but also the spiritual, musical, and psychedelic movements, Goldberg provides a unique perspective on how and why the legacy of 1967 lives on today.

1967 was the year of the release of the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and of debut albums from the Doors, the Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin, among many others. 1967 was also the year of the Summer of Love; the year that millions of now illegal LSD tabs flooded America; Muhammad Ali was convicted of avoiding the draft; Martin Luther King Jr. publicly opposed the war in Vietnam; Stokely Carmichael championed Black Power; Israel won the Six-Day War; and Che Guevara was murdered. It was the year that hundreds of thousands of protesters vainly attempted to levitate the Pentagon. It was the year the word “hippie” peaked and died, and the Yippies were born.

Exhaustively researched and informed by interviews and conversations with Allen Ginsberg, Timothy Leary, Ram Dass, Tom Hayden, Cora Weiss, and Grace Slick, In Search of the Lost Chord is a mosaic of seminal moments in the psychedelic, spiritual, rock-and-roll, and political protest cultures of 1967.

This paperback edition includes a brand-new afterword by the author, along with twenty photographs by Peter Simon.

Read an interview with Danny Goldberg at Rain Taxi Review of Books.

Book Details

  • Paperback: 356 pages
  • Published: 9/4/18
  • IBSN: 9781617756689
  • e-IBSN: 9781617756931


DANNY GOLDBERG is a longtime music business executive who began his career as a journalist. The New York Times called his memoir Bumping into Geniuses: My Life Inside the Rock and Roll Business “an engaging, droll and . . . largely demystifying look at the evolution of the rock trade from Woodstock to grunge.” Since 2007, Goldberg has been president of Gold Village Entertainment. He is also the author of Dispatches from the Culture Wars: How the Left Lost Teen Spirit. His latest is the paperback edition of In Search of the Lost Chord: 1967 and the Hippie Idea.

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