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Depeche Mode: Monument

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The most complete book on Depeche Mode. Ever.

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What people are saying…

“Featuring more than one thousand objects from Burmeister’s archive, Monument is a detailed chronology of the band who – after 100 million album sales – still show no sign of stopping.”

“Depeche Mode fans know that Monument is a song on its seminal 1982 album A Broken Frame. It’s a fitting title for this encyclopedic yet intimate photo book that covers the band’s career, with a special section devoted to fan culture.”
Los Angeles Times, Included in Holiday Gift Guide

“The book’s honesty and meticulousness is invaluable. The 420-page tome scrupulously catalogs the band’s history from its earliest days, and is essentially the longest love letter Depeche Mode has ever received . . . The book is a no-brainer for any Depeche Mode fan.”
Style Zeitgeist

“The massive coffee table book is graphically appealing and well designed, as befits a tribute to a group who were almost as visual at their inception as they were musical.”
Shepherd Express

“Thousands of artifacts, photos, press releases, gig posters, artwork, fan culture ephemera and meticulous details on each of the iconic synth-pop band’s releases from 1981 to 2017 add up to more than just some general reward — it’s a stylish, colorful compendium that looks as great as it reads. It’s a book of faith and devotion, and a must-have for any Mode fan.”
Vanyaland, Featured Gift Guide item

“A bonanza for the serious Depeche Mode lover.”
The Current (Minnesota Public Radio), Chosen as a Rock and Roll Book Club selection

“This book-long love letter from some of the Depeche Mode’s diehard fans . . . This is a meticulous, obsessive compilation of the band’s oeuvre and is a must for any DM fan.”
Style Zeitgeist, Included in 2017 Gift Guide


Depeche Mode: Monument illustrates the amazing success story that began in 1981 and is still going strong after 100 million album sales. This book contains: information on all of the band’s releases from 1981 to 2017; over a thousand images, including never-before-seen photos, concert posters, and album artwork; a special look at fan culture; interviews with stage managers, friends, producers, tour companions, radio hosts, and fans; and so much more.

The affection that Depeche Mode command year after year from their ever-growing fan base is incredible. No other band possesses such a vital, self-organized fan culture. Along with an unprecedented collection of artifacts presented together for the first time, this volume offers extensive information, background facts, and anecdotes that will cater to both newcomers and die-hard Depeche Mode fans alike.

Included in Conneticut Magazine’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide.

Book Details

  • Hardcover: 420 pages
  • Published: 11/7/17
  • IBSN: 9781617755934


DENNIS BURMEISTER is a graphic designer, deejay, and promoter. Over the past twenty-five years, he has gathered together one of the largest Depeche Mode collections in the world. With several thousand items, it could fill a museum. He is the cocreator of Depeche Mode: Monument.

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SASCHA LANGE is a musician, author, and historian of youth culture. His book DJ Westradio was published in 2007 by Aufbau Taschenbuch Verlag. He is the cocreator of Depeche Mode: Monument.

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