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Auto Mechanic’s Daughter


Harryman’s lyrical voyage launches Nigerian author Chris Abani’s visionary new poetry imprint, Black Goat, with an introduction by Maurya Simon.

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“In Karen Harryman’s hands, everything becomes a blessing.”
—Ellen Bass, author of Mules of Love


Black Goat is an independent poetry imprint of Akashic Books created and curated by award-winning Nigerian author Chris Abani (author of Becoming Abigail and Song for Night). Black Goat is committed to publishing well-crafted poetry with a focus on experimental or thematically challenging work. The series aims to create a proportional representation of female poets and non-American poets, particularly poets from Africa.

Charting the vicissitudes of her own life, and the travails and triumphs of the lives of those whom she knows and loves, Harryman’s poems travel great distances, both internally and geographically, from the Kentucky of her youth to the California of her present moment (with a detour in Europe). In this movement we encounter moments of wisdom and insight, the small epiphanies derived from love and loss, grief and celebration, dreams and nightmares, curses and blessings . . . from gratitude and despair. Auto Mechanic’s Daughter is a lyrical journey into life’s private places and the small joys encountered there.

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