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Mr. Fish

MR. FISH (A.K.A. DWAYNE BOOTH) has been a freelance writer and cartoonist for twenty-five years, publishing with Harper’s Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, the Village Voice, the Atlantic, the Nation, Vanity Fair, Mother Jones, Truthdig, and He has also appeared in international publications such as Information for Social Change (England), Umanità Nova (Italy), International Gallerie (India), and Internazionale (Italy). His numerous awards include a Los Angeles Press Club Award for editorial cartooning, the Sigma Delta Chi Award for Editorial Cartooning from the Society of Professional Journalists, and the Grambs Aronson Award for Cartooning with a Conscience. Long Story Short is his latest work.


Go Fish


The debut collection of Mr. Fish’s searing and hilarious political cartoons, featured in Harper’s, Truthdig, and elsewhere.