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Akashic’s Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re still searching for the perfect holiday gift, we suggest you look no further than a special, limited-edition package from Akashic Books! Exclusive to our website, these packages contain limited-edition items, so act fast! More information is below.

Happy Holidays!
Akashic Books

Nick Zinner, Zachary Lipez, and Stacy Wakefield’s 131 DIFFERENT THINGS LIMITED-EDITION PACKAGE


— a signed copy of the novella by Zachary Lipez, with photographs by Nick Zinner (guitarist from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs), and design by Stacy Wakefield

— a numbered, exclusive 7″ vinyl with two songs by THE DIFFERENT THINGS (Zachary Lipez + Nick Zinner)

— and the first 25 orders will contain a signed 4×6 print of an original Nick Zinner photograph.


— a copy of the outrageous and provocative photograph book of cult music hero Peaches, with text from Peaches, Yoko Ono, Ellen Page, and Michael Stipe.

— a gorgeous and exclusive limited-edition 10″ x 13.35″ photo print of Peaches, by Holger Talinski, signed by Peaches. (This unique photo, hand-picked by Peaches and Holger, is exclusive to this package and does not appear in the book.)



— a signed copy of David Yow’s book
— a limited-edition T-shirt designed by David Yow (size large only)
— a limited-edition signed cat print, unique to this package and not included in the book
— a hardcover copy of Michael Stipe’s photo book Two Times Intro
— a beautiful, one-of-a-kind photograph on heavy cardstock, signed by Michael Stipe. The image is of Patti Smith in New Orleans at the Joan of Arc Statue, in 2010, while R.E.M. was recording Collapse Into Now.

Posted: Dec 5, 2018

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